Amanda Hocking Discusses How She Became a Self-Published Author who Sells 100,000+ Books a month on Amazon

Amanda Hocking is one of those writers that started publishing on Amazon in the early days of self-publishing.  She is selling more than 100,000 books a month on Amazon.  That kind of success is almost…chilling.  We all dream it don’t we?  She has a great blog post from a while back that described her whole story – from beginning to where she was when she posted, which I have added the link below.  Her sales were starting to get very strong – about 600 a month – and then she connected with book bloggers & reviewers and suddenly she was looking at several thousand and it all blew up from there.

Read her inspiring story on her blog:


A Great Blog With Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Being an Indie Writer

I stumbled onto this blog the other day and Eli James has loaded it with great information and articles about being a self-published writer.