I have been writing my entire life and have decided to start the process of self-publishing my work.  Like so many authors, trying to submit manuscripts to agents and publishers resulted in a lot of rejections.  Now with the advent of KDP select and Create Space it is very simple to self-publish and the best part is all of the control you have over your product.

I am originally from the Northeast but moved to the Chicago area when I was in college and have stayed – primarily because I was raising children here.  I do love Chicago but at some point I would love to move back to New Hampshire and the seacoast area.  I recently moved from the town I had lived in for the past twenty years out to a bohemian beach community on the shores of Lake Michigan.  I found the cutest little cottage only a block from the lake and now that all three of my children are away at college, it is the perfect size for me and my ten year old Golden Retriever, Chance.  He loves it!  I walk him on the beach every morning before I go to work and if it’s not too dark I take him back down at night.  I love it too.  I feel so at peace out there and whether you believe in miracles or not – this was a true miracle that I was able to find this place.

I have just self-published my first novel titled “How to Save a Life.”  I hope you enjoy it!


susan may 23

You can contact me at:  carysacooper@gmail.com



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